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Prologue, or What made you think this was a good idea? – 

So, this is my first blog post. I’ve wanted to have a blog for a long time, but I’ve never gotten around to sitting down and writing a post, or now, I guess I have. I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog – it seemed fun, and anyone who has met me knows that I like to have a good chat. I’ve finally motivated myself to do the famous five minute WordPress setup and sit down and get writing. Because this is a first post, the nature of it needs to be a bit informational. Because of that, I’m going with a question-answer format for this entry. It’s probably not here to stay, because it feels like I’m lecturing rather than chatting, and I hate feeling like I’m lecturing.

Before I start that though, let me first say thank you very much for reading. I’m really glad you find it interesting enough to spend your valuable time reading what I have to say.

Why did you choose the name Ruminations…? It seems rather lazy.

Well, first of all, it seems rather lazy because it is rather lazy. I couldn’t come up with a better title at the moment I decided I needed a title. It’s a work in progress and there’s a very good chance that it will change soon. However, I do really like what it lets me do with post titles. I can simply say …<whatever I’m writing about> is the title, and it looks like I did a clever thing by making the blog title and the post title work together. In reality, it’s just because I’m bad at coming up with titles.

What will this blog be about?

I have no idea. That’s part of what always appealed to me about the idea of a blog. It’s a place I can talk about whatever I want. It may be about baseball one day and about thermodynamics the next. It’s really just going to be a collection of my thoughts and more importantly a place to converse with people who are interested in chatting with me.

All of that said, I do have some ideas of things I’m going to talk about. They include but are not limited to technology, reviews of things I consume – food, tea, coffee, music, films, etc., my relationship with spirituality and religion, and maybe sometimes just whatever it is that I’m up to.

Who even are you?

I’m glad you asked. Check the front page of https://glick.cloud for more information.

I have comments

Hey wait, that’s not a question…

In all seriousness, awesome! The real point of this blog is to present my thoughts, feelings and ideas, and talk about them, peoples’ feelings on them, or anything else, with people who want to. The best way of getting in touch with me is by email (glick@lclark.edu), or leave a comment here if you want other people to be able to see them.


I think that’s enough for my first post – I guess that makes me a blogger now! I feel like an adult or something.


As always, thanks for reading,

Ben Glick

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