You’ve probably guessed, by the very inventive URL, that this is the blog for Ben Glick’s personal webpage. You’d be correct in that guess. I’m putting my bio below, for those of you that did not come directly through from glick.cloud.

I am a second-year undergraduate student at Lewis & Clark College. My majors are Mathematics/Computer Science (combined major) and Physics. Prior to attending Lewis & Clark, I went to high school at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. My academic interests include solid-state physics and thermodynamics, high-performance computing and parallelism, cloud and grid computing, discrete mathematics and combinatorics, and linear algebra. I’m particularly interested in the intersection of computation and science. Some of the most interesting things I’ve been able to do are helping domain scientists meet their computational needs. Much of the work I’ve done has to do with making computational scientific resources easier to access and utilize in order to streamline the process of computation-based science. I’m also a big supporter of the open-source software movement and I try to release almost all the code I write on GitHub. I strongly believe that the free sharing of knowledge, be it through open source computer code or open access scientific journals leads to better science and better society.

With that out of the way, what is this blog going to be all about? Well, it’s mostly just going to be me talking about things I find interesting, and because I have a lot of interests, it may vary from post to post. Some recurring themes will undoubtedly be technology, science, tea and music reviews, fire spinning, and other boring things that I like.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay here on my blog, and feel free to let me know what you think – about anything. I promise I’m interested.